About BSRS

About us

Biology Students Research Society (BSRS) is a youth research organization, which main goal is education, research and publication in the field of biology and biodiversity in Republic of Macedonia.

BSRS is structured in sections or in groups, which are focused on researchin taxonomy, ecology, biochemistry and physiology.

Every fourth year publishes its scientific journal “Bulletin of the Research Society of Biology Students”, which publishes papers on biodiversity.

BSRS other than scientific research, it is organizing educational and popular events such as photo competitions, lecture on current topics in the field of biology and ecology etc.


BSRS field work activities are organized in several sections:

  • Algological
  • Entomology
  • Mycological
  • Macrozoobenthos
  • Botanical
  • Herpetological
  • Biochemistry and physiology
  • Ornithological
  • Araneae
  • Mammology

Research expedition

BSRS has organized 21 research expeditions to many mountains in Macedonia.

Our fundamental purpose for educating students is accomplished mainly through the organization of research projects.

As a result of our accomplished activities, we published over 50 research papers in our three published bulletins and other scientific magazines.